Which one: iPhone 5 or Samsung S3? Finally answered.

This is a question I’m sure bothers a lot of people.

I’m no different, and before finally deciding to buy Apple’s beautiful iPhone 5, I had my doubts. I could not help but notice many of my friends joyfully announcing their satisfaction with, the ‘iPhone destroyer’, S3.

iPhone 5
iPhone 5

I’m not the kind of person to blindly follow something, one way or another.  Before I bought my iPhone 5 I spent embarrassing amount of time on the web, looking at comparison articles, YouTube unboxing videos and in general looking for a definitive answer to this old question.

Well today it all ends. No more looking. The answer is here.

After 14 days of enjoying iPhone 5 I decided to return it to Apple. At the same time I purchased the S3 from Amazon. Can you see where this is going?

To put it plainly: Apple has a 14-day return policy on some of their products, including the iPhone, and Amazon has a generous 30-day return policy on electronics. So from the day my new S3 arrives I will have 30 days to try it out, and, if I don’t like it (I sincerely hope Samsung will surprise me) I will return it.

The beauty of dealing with Apple is that they will come to your door and pick up the returned item!

The only thing to keep in mind is that when you buy at Amazon, the item must be sold or fulfilled by Amazon to be eligible for the 30-day return policy.

So there you go. The only way to truly answer the question of which phone is best for you 🙂


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