Journey to San Francisco

It is hard to believe that this moment is here but tomorrow afternoon I will be on a direct flight to San Francisco, which will last approximately 10 hours and 30 minutes. 

Boeing 744

For the first month there I will be staying in a hacker house, in the Glen Park area. I’m excited about this for two reasons. Firstly the AirBnb guide paints a very nice view of the area. How could anyone resist?

Secondly because these kinds of places have a great deal of technology oriented, startup dreaming entrepreneurs rolling through them continuously throughout the year. At least that’s my expectation. I will write a full post on my experience there at the end of the month.

Its not a sweatshop, its a hacker house…

During my year long internship I will be working with LoopUp. They make web and audio conferencing simple. They were kind enough to let me try our their software with my final year project team and it truly is simple. Up to that point we have been using Skype / Google Hangouts with various degrees of success. There are two features of LoopUp I really like. First is the ability to record a call with one click of a button AND have it available for download as MP3. Second is the notification I get when someone gets on my call. My friend Ashley thought the meeting was an hour earlier than it was actually scheduled. So instead of having him sit there and wonder I was able to dial in straight away and let him know.

As far as other logistics go. I have set up my Google Voice so I can give out one number to everyone and make free calls to US numbers. To save money on the phone plan, I will go with T-Mobile’s $30 / month plan which has unlimited data transfer. And last but not least, I found out this morning that SVIP have mailed us 15 Clipper cards to the hacker house awaiting our arrival. Thy are the golden passes to commuting around the Bay Area!

I want to reflect on things more this year so I will be blogging a lot more about the events I will be going to, trips I will be taking and takeaways from work. I’m still hesitating between writing once a week and once every two weeks.

Finally, I want to clarify in my mind what are my goals and dreams for this year. This will be the next post.

And now to pack my bag!

San Francisco here I come!

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