My First Impressions – Hacker House

Few days ago I have moved into one of Vic’s places. This one is in Glen Park and is conveniently situated right next to a BART station. It is a spacious place with 3 bedrooms, 2 showers and 1 bathroom. It can host up to 18 people! The picture above is a roof top view from the house.

Bedroom 1

It would be easy to strip this place down to its bare minimum, and say it is not much different from a youth hostel. There are bunk beds, there is an airy living area and there is a communal kitchen. However my suspicion is that an experience in a hostel would be different.

So far I really like the place. It’s nice to come home to a buzzing conversation about how Google Wave was just ahead of its time, or to a private party hosted by our very own SVIP resident DJ – Matt Bessey. It’s also nice that coming home there are going to be like minded people there who will understand my annoyance with Visual Studio being used in the context of agile development or the inconvenience of having to create a Yahoo Messenger account for the first time in 10 years.

Random Artifacts

Another thing that impressed me was the printed out Business Model Canvas sheets. It told me that the folks in this place were at least thinking about trying to start a business. Even if there was more talking then doing going on.

To summarize, I think as long as there is a diverse crowd rolling through on regular basis then it would make for interesting conversations and possible contacts. That has not really been the case here so far as there are the 8 of us SVIP guys and 2 others. My aim for the rest of the month is to actually ‘hack’ something together while here and get feedback from housemates.

Co-Working Space

Unfortunately Vic is shutting this place down come end of the month so I need to find something before then. My main priorities in finding a new place are:

  • Price: Anything above $1200 per month is out of the question
  • Public Transport: It has to be close to a BART station. It is by far the quickest and most comfortable way to get around the city.

Oh, and Vic is a great guy. He prepared everything for us before we came and is rather understandable about the money situation that some of us are facing coming from the UK. He even got us fresh buns from the bakery!

Fresh Sweet Rolls

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