Embracing the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Right after my exams finished in May I had a huge influx in the amount of free time that was available to me. At that point I knew that come August time I was going to be flying out to San Francisco so I decided I was going to make the most of the summer by getting involved in the startup scene in London.

I attended a few events in Shoreditch, an area of London known as the Tech City, including GigaOM’s PubSummit. With a little encouragement from my mentor I wrote my very first blog post titled ‘What Is The Key To Startup Success in the UK?‘.

I received positive feedback and was actively looking for at least one more event I could cover before heading out to Silicon Valley. That’s when I found Startup Rally. I loved the idea and reserved my places at the grand finale in London on the 30th of August at the Google Campus, only to find out that I would be boarding the airplane on the 29th.

So I couldn’t attend the event. I was gutted. However, maybe there was another way I could connect with the people behind it. I reached out to Marina Hramkova, who together with Alex Berezovskiy have put this event together for the very first time. I asked if she would be open to an interview. She was. SUCCESS!

But instead of doing a one-off interview I decided I will make it into a video series called ‘10 Questions in 10 Minutes‘ where I speak with interesting people who are having an impact on the startup ecosystem.

Without further ado, here is the very first interview. It was a great pleasure to do it live and a big thank you goes out to Marina for taking the time to speak with me.

I appreciate all feedback so do send me a note!

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