Advice from CEO of Lyft – Logan Green

Over the past two weeks I have attended a number of events here in San Francisco. This city is an absolute beehive, with something going on every night which is significantly different from when I used to live in San Jose. At first the temptation is to go to everything. However, the trick is to pick and choose the one’s that can be most useful to you. The following have made my short list:

At each of the above events I have learned something different. Whether it was seeing a guy hustle really hard at his pitching booth and having an investor picking up his business card. Whether it was seeing the importance of thinking outside the proverbial box. Whether it was seeing people helping each other with connections. There is always something to be learnt when synergies happen.

At the Startup Grind event I was fortunate to have a short chat with Logan Green. When I asked him for advice for young entrepreneurs he told me the following:

  • Incubators are awesome. You have the opportunity to mingle with like minded people in a coworking space where ideas flow and evolve.
  • Find a mentor. Someone who knows your field well and can spend an hour a day with you.
  • Become extremely cheap. Don’t waste money where you don’t need to. Save money when you can for those though times.
  • Be passionate. Ultimately it is passion for what you are doing that will allow you to build a dedicated team and get through the tough times when you can’t make payroll.

At the Creative Morning, I asked Nicole Hollis about her approach to creativity and whether there was anything that she would do to be more creative. She told me that whenever she was stuck on a problem she would try to take her mind away from it, and let the subconscious do the work.

The hustler from Tribr.

Jeremy Bodenhamer of ShipHawk. Won the Audience Choice award at TechCrunch Disrupt New York. Here is his presentation.

I’m still in the process of defining for myself of what networking is but regardless, it is a buzzword that gets thrown around at these gatherings. I think it begins with a question:

What can you offer to help others?

I’m excited for a different kind of event this weekend. Tomorrow a few of us SVIPs are going to take to Pandora’s Headquarters in Oakland to partake in the Hella Hack! Maybe we will revolutionize music forever. Or maybe we will learn a thing or two. Either way, it will be a laudable use of free time!

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